Hi, welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I am Patricia Remy, a very positive and original Office- & Projects Professional, who can proudly look back

on a so far beautiful career with great teams, possibilities and accomplishments.

In spite of a 'great profile' I am frequently called 'too heavy' or 'overqualified'.

This 'over qualification', however, I'd rather approach in another, more positive way,

and with lots of pros and added value!

■   Very independent and with extensive work- ánd life experience:

      Employable for any possible task or assignment in any office- or projects environment.

      Easily able to make contact and I deal with any challenge or request, but also dare to say 'no'.

      I bring structure and create a clear overview in hectic or chaotic situations.

■   Professional, initiative, being committed, involved and loyal:

      No extensive explanation needed.

      Can take over lots of work from managers and team.

      I manage to find new challenges and opportunities in any job.

      Looking for stability in a long-term working relationship, not interested in making more career switches.

■   External/situational awareness, eye for detail and improvement:

      Easily making contact; with a pleasant, open and involved approach I know how to reach people,

      to get their attention, to motivate and to convince them.

      Involved and always contributing to create a healthy, pleasant, clear and good functioning teamwork.

      Often a ‘sounding board’ for colleagues and the main contact person for customers.

      I notice very fast when things can be done differently, better or more efficient;

      I communicate this with managers and add, where relevant and possible, new responsibilities to my

      job description.

■   Flexibility and versatility:

      Experienced in all kinds of industries, very fast adjusting to any new environment.

      I have provided extensive and varied assistance to Management teams,

      Sales & Marketing managers and teams, Project managers and teams, Purchasing managers and Expats.

      Highly experienced in independently setting up, structuring and optimising offices, administrations, procedures.

      I have organised many international trade shows and training sessions.

      I have managed websites, brochures and (technical) documentation.

      I have written and revised company profiles, customer contracts, newsletters, press releases, etc.


■   No need to invest much:

      I'm a quick learner, I pick up new tasks very fast and keep developing myself.

      With my extensive experience, involvement, versatility and with my proactive self-studying

      and self-sufficiency attitude, an employer doesn't have to invest much in me.

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Have fun reading and thank you for your visit!

PA Patty / Patricia Remy

★  Personal Assistance  ★  All-round Assistance  ★

Management / Sales & Marketing / Projects / Events / Translations / Websites / Process Improvement

PA Patty / Patricia Remy

Apeldoorn, Netherlands

+31- (0)6 - 558 20 858

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